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I Am Straight, Is it OK for Me To Have a Sensual Massage From Another Man?

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

A question I often get asked is…

‘I regard myself as straight, so is it OK for me have a sensual massage from another man?’

I see men of all ages, all nationalities and all sexualities. Many are single, some are married, some partnered, and many of these men regard themselves as traditionally heterosexual in that they live a predominantly heterosexual life. But in the past few years of giving sensual massages to men, I have come to learn that male sexuality is more complex than just being defined as straight, bisexual or gay and that it is quite possible to identify oneself as heterosexual but also enjoy sensual touch from another man.

Whatever sexuality you define yourself as: whether straight, bisexual, gay, heteroflexible or polysexual, there is so much more to enjoy – when receiving a sensual massage from another man – than just arousal and erotic exploration. Male clients often tell me that a sensual massage given by a male masseur is firmer and more assertive than when given by a female masseuse. They also say that they feel more relaxed and less anxious about becoming aroused or having to ‘behave’ and ‘withhold’ their desire.

Men understand men both physically and emotionally; we know what we like ourselves so can empathize with others to give the same. Naturally, a male masseur will understand another man’s body better than any female masseuse, but what surprises most newbies to Male to Male sensual massage is the pleasure of being nurtured and cared for by another man. Men are programmed to give and receive intimate touch. For a man to give another man intimate touch and for it be accepted is a sign of approval and acceptance. Younger men seek approval from older men. Older men seek companionship and trust with one another. The more intimate the touch is the more trusting the connection becomes. The flow is simple: with connection comes relaxation, with relaxation comes arousal, with arousal comes pleasure, and with pleasure comes contentment.

So whatever motivation you have for wanting to experience a sensual massage from another man – be it exploration, intimacy, muscle, stress and tension release or simply pure escapism to recharge your batteries – I promise you that the massage you get from me will be one of the best you ever have.

After 10+ years as a professional masseur I feel I know as much as there is to know about the male body and relaxation. Or maybe you want to ask me for help with a sexual exploration and performance issue; whatever your motivation, I will tailor-make the perfect sensual massage for you, giving you the best experience possible.

I look forward to welcoming you.

Kristofer @

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Unknown member
Apr 13, 2023

I would love a massage

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